New General Service List 2,201-2,250 d

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   apologize      frightening      furniture      guilty      rarely      recruit      sail      spare      transform      vital   
  1. I'm going to buy a sailboat and around the world for a couple of years. I love the quiet of a sailboat as opposed to the noise of a motorboat.
  2. You are driving so fast that you are me. Please slow down. I'm scared.
  3. I won the lottery and I think I will my apartment into a much nicer living space. I'm going to knock out a few walls, repaint, and buy new furniture.
  4. I knocked over your vase. I'm and I feel really bad. Can I replace it for you?
  5. A new transportation system is to the further development of Vancouver. If we can't solve the traffic problems, people will go elsewhere to live and work.
  6. You should always be prepared. When I cycle, I always have a tube in my pack in case I get a flat tire. I don't bother fixing the hole; I just change tubes.
  7. You are late again, and we really needed your part of the project. Will you for coming late? I think that, if you say that you are sorry, everyone wiil forgive you.
  8. We get any homework. I think that we only had one assignment last week.
  9. XYZ Incorporated offered to pay double what I was earning at my present company. I had hear that they often try to people from competing businesses.
  10. The in this room is very comfortable. I especially like the armchair.