New General Service List 2,251-2,300 a

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   cite      damn      entitled      giant      grass      illustrations      portions      routine      tune      whenever   
  1. After a long, dry summer, the has changed from green to brown. People were not allowed to water their lawns.
  2. I'm sorry angry at the drivers who follow so close at high speed. Those jerks could easily cause an accident.
  3. In your research paper, please be sure to your sources. I want you to use outside material, but you need to say where you got the information from.
  4. The in the physics text are really helpful. The diagrams make much more sense than the words alone.
  5. My daily begins with stretching, meditation, and a light breakfast. I have done the same things every day for years.
  6. I need your help you are free. It doesn't have to be right now.
  7. Please try to give equal of the cake to everyone. It never seems fair when one person gets a larger piece than the others.
  8. Everyone is to use the library if they have paid their student fees. No student can be refused entrance.
  9. There's a wasp in the classroom and everyone is freaking out. It's as big as my thumb and it looks very ferocious. Be careful that it doesn't sting you.
  10. What's that that you are tapping your foot to? It looks like a very catchy song.