New General Service List 2,251-2,300 b

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   apartment      bid      cake      extension      god      loud      mirror      pose      substance      van   
  1. What's that on the bottom of your shoes? You are making a mess on the floor where you are walking. It looks like you stepped in oil.
  2. John should relax and try to look natural for this picture. His in front of the totem pole makes him look like he's trying to be a model.
  3. The students all asked for an to the deadline to submit their projects. They all seemed to need more time.
  4. That truck that is backing up is really . The beep beep of his back-up horn is giving me a headache.
  5. Today is Marriam's birthday, so the office staff bought a huge birthday and put 24 candles on it.
  6. The rent for an in Vancouver has increased considerably in the last year. Many people can no longer afford to live in the city.
  7. If you look in the , you will see that you missed shaving a spot on your chin. I see that your beard has a little gray hair in it.
  8. Many people in Canada believe in a of some sort. There are many Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, and others.
  9. Vancouver's for the Winter Olympics in 2010 were successful. They had to submit a formal request to be considered long before the final decision was made.
  10. To help with my new plumbing business, I bought a to carry all of my tools from site to site. I need a fairly large vehicle.