New General Service List 2,251-2,300 c

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   broadcasts      conventional      depth      efficiency      loose      mutual      naturally      pink      resort      tank   
  1. My sister bought me a T-shirt, but I don't think I'll wear it often. It's not really my colour.
  2. We had to beach our kayaks and carry them along the beach. The of the water through the channel was not enough to allow us to paddle our kayaks through.
  3. The chemical company wanted to put a huge storage near the river, but the government inspectors felt that it was too dangerous to keep toxic chemicals near the water.
  4. The chains holding the logs on the truck came and the logs spilled on the road. The chains obviously hadn't been fastened correctly.
  5. The of my Prius's motor is quite impressive. I only need to gas up once every two weeks.
  6. Mr. Smith is quite a person. He isn't very interested in technology and his opinions on most things haven't changed in decades.
  7. The next weekend is a long weekend. My wife and I are going to spend a couple of days at a on the coast. The rooms are comfortable and cheap.
  8. Maria and Joseph met last week and discovered that they had many interests. They both liked sci-fi movies, hiking, and mountain biking.
  9. The CBC to almost every part of Canada. Their radio and TV programs remain popular with many people.
  10. The whole class had worked very hard for weeks. They did very well on the final exam .