New General Service List – 2,301-2,350 b

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   ally      bread      consult      creative      gazing      gradually      liability      log      remarkable      sugar   
  1. The swiftly flowing river wore away the stream bank and caused the road to collapse. People had been expecting the collapse for weeks.
  2. I was sure that I was eventually going to have a car accident, so I increased my insurance. I knew that, if I caused an accident, I could be sued for millions.
  3. The new Prime Minister vowed to with all the parties before a final decision was made on raising taxes. Although he did not promise to do what the others asked, he did promise to ask them what they thought.
  4. I have not eaten white in years. I make all of my sandwiches with whole grain or spelt.
  5. The windstorm blew through last night and knocked down hundreds of trees. A huge oak tree fell on my garage. Although we have removed the branches and leaves, there is still a huge to remove.
  6. I have diabetes now and I'm very concerned about the large amounts of that are added to many processed foods. Everything tastes so sweet.
  7. I can't stand it. Every time I eat something, my dog sits there at me with longing eyes and I have to share my food with him. He has such sad eyes.
  8. Canada has been a strong of the U.S., and supports the U.S. in many areas, but it does not follow all of the American policies.
  9. Most of the students in the Fine Arts program are incredibly . Some of their art work is innovative and powerful.
  10. The young man's invention that is designed to clean up plastic from the oceans is . It's hard to believe that no one thought of if before.