New General Service List – 2,301-2,350 d

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   adjust      dependant      edit      evaluation      extraordinary      involvement      league      pleasant      probability      stupid   
  1. The professor's of the students was very thorough. He used many tests and interviews to assess them.
  2. The students at the university set up a soccer for the students in the residences. All of the teams played each other. There was a trophy to be won in a final tournament.
  3. Argh! I hate this. This policy is . Why do they need people to fill out a form to get a form?
  4. When you finish your essay, please give it to a classmate to for you. He or she should check your grammar and spelling carefully.
  5. Your seatbelt should itself automatically. As you lean forward, it will loosen. When you sit back, it will tighten.
  6. We would like everyone to participate. The of more people will help us to raise more money.
  7. The special effects in the movie Avatar were . The big blue characters looked so real.
  8. With a temperature of 20C and sunshine, our walk along Stanley Park was very . It was perhaps the nicest day I've had in a long time.
  9. What do you think is the of reversing climate change? Do you think we have a good chance or not?
  10. We are very on oil for energy. Unless we can move to renewable, non-polluting forms of energy, we will not be able to reduce global temperatures.