New General Service List 2,351-2,400 c

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   advocates      briefly      burden      compensation      criticizing      desert      fantastic      illegal      impress      skirt   
  1. I accidentally ran over my neighbour's dog and I had to pay $500 in . He wouldn't forgive me unless I paid.
  2. It is to park on the sidewalk. If you park there, you will get a rather large fine, and they may tow your car away.
  3. The Marathon des Sables is a five to six day race in the Sahara. It covers 251 kilometres (156 milles) The race is hot (50C) and dry.
  4. If you are trying to your parents, you might want to get good grades. They will be much happier if you do well.
  5. David Suzuki for more action to reduce climate change. He encourages the government and anyone else who will listen to try harder to reduce carbon emissons.
  6. I don't think that David and I will be friends anymore. He is always me. I wish that he would be a little more supportive, but he only has bad things to say.
  7. Everyone should rest here . After a short rest, we will continue hiking to The Lions.
  8. Having to support his younger brother is sometimes a for Terrance. It is very hard for him to keep on helping.
  9. Tracey is wearing a beautiful green this afternoon. It sets off her white blouse very nicely.
  10. You started with a C- at the beginning of the semester and now you have an A. The improvement in your grades has been . Your parents will very pleased.