New General Service List 2,351-2,400 d

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   bath      bowl      eastern      jury      operator      pure      segments      silent      valley      wrap   
  1. The triathlon was broken into three : a foot race, a bike race, and a swim.
  2. I asked the butcher to the steak in waxed paper so that it wouldn't leak in the bag.
  3. The crane sits in a small box high above the construction project so that he can see everything that is happening and move the construction material with the crane.
  4. The listened to the defense and prosecution arguments before deciding that the defendant was guilty. The twelve men and women had had a difficult decision to make.
  5. After a long, hard workout, I like to have a hot . Soaking in hot water helps to ease my sore muscles.
  6. Please put this of salsa on the table so that everyone can get some with their chips.
  7. I like this jam because it is . They don't add any preservatives.
  8. I'm glad that I live in Vancouver. The winter weather in Canada is often cold and snowy. Toronto often has one or two metres of snow on the ground in December.
  9. In the library, everyone should try to be . If people make too much noise, it will disturb others.
  10. Fernie is one of the most beautiful towns in B.C. It sits in a formed by the Elk River and the Rocky Mountains. Mountains rise up on each side and provide wonderful skiing and hiking.