New General Service List 2,351-2,400 e

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   behave      blind      compound      cousin      harm      poverty      preference      regularly      tower      venture   
  1. Water is a chemical formed by two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.
  2. The neighbours were concerned that the pesticide used on the grass boulevard would cause to their pets. They thought it was dangerous.
  3. At 201 metres, the Living Shangri-La hotel is the tallest building in Vancouver. The building is quite impressive.
  4. My father's new business is sure to be successful. He completed a detailed analysis before he started.
  5. Gustaf Dalen, a Swedish inventor and Nobel Prize winner, continued to invent and lead his company even after he became . His inability to see did not stop him.
  6. My came to visit last week. He is my uncle's oldest boy.
  7. You should exercise . It's not good enough to go for a walk once a week. You need to exercise every day.
  8. Although the rate of is quite low in Canada, it is still a problem for some children, families with single-parent mothers, aboriginals, the mentally ill, the physically handicapped, and recent immigrants. These people often struggle to make ends meet and more needs to be done.
  9. You should yourself. You are in a nice restaurant, and you shouldn't talk so loudly.
  10. I like to do many different kinds of exercise but my is cycling. If I have a choice, I'm out on my bike whenever the weather is nice.