New General Service List 2,451-2,500 a

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   adapt      barrier      dismissed      exact      laboratory      mad      publisher      sand      surgery      therapy   
  1. My car accident caused me serious injuries and the doctors had to operate. The to repair my leg took five hours. The doctors had to replace part of the bone with a piece of metal.
  2. The professor the class early because he was not feeling well. He let the students go early but, to make up for the shorter class, he gave some extra homework.
  3. My favourite part of the class is working in the . I like to be able to acturally combine chemicals and observe reactions rather than just listening to lectures about what will happen.
  4. One of the nice things about mathematics is that the correct answer is the answer. In English, there is a lot of room for interpretation, but, in mathematics, there is an answer that is 100% correct. All others are wrong.
  5. When people come to Canada, they often have to to a new culture and climate. The changes are not always easy.
  6. Last year, I wrote a novel. It was a book that I felt strongly about writing. Then I gave it to a who printed 50,000 copies and distributed it to many bookstores.
  7. After my car accident, I had to do physical for six months before I could walk without pain. The exercise under my therapists watchful eye were often very difficult.
  8. The one's gender and colour of one's skin should never be a to being hired or promoted. Canada has laws whick prohibit discrimination.
  9. My road rage is becoming a problem. Even though other drivers are often careless, I should not get so at them. Yelling and banging on my steering wheel is not good for me, and it never changes the other drivers' behaviour.
  10. I love to walk on the beach barefoot on a sunny day. The warm between my toes is theraputic. It always makes me feel better.