New General Service List 2,001-2,050 b

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   buyer      cap      chickens      consequently      cream      frequently      hurry      promotion      tissue      tube   
  1. I have three bicycles, which is more than I really need, so I advertised on Kijiji for a for two of my bikes. I hope that I can get a good price when I sell them.
  2. On a sunny day, you should use sunscreen and wear a . You can get one cheaply at any sporting goods store that sells hats.
  3. We used a long glass to transfer the acid from one container to another.
  4. The exam finishes in an hour. You will have to if you want to finish on time. Can you work any faster?
  5. My parents have a farm and I get eggs from them every weekend. They have ten that provide enough eggs for me and the neighbours.
  6. The road construction required the closing of two lanes. The traffic, , was backed up for many kilometres.
  7. The roads are closed for repairs during the summer. It seems that every week results in some disruption.
  8. Do you have any hand ? My hands are dried and cracked. They are very painful.
  9. Argh! This cold is driving me crazy. My nose hasn't stopped running for days. Do you have a that I can use to blow my nose?
  10. Michelle has worked really hard for the past year and she has developed several really good products. As a result, she has received a . It will come with a larger office and more money.