New General Service List 2,451-2,500 c

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   burst      capability      charities      democratic      flash      participation      rid      scholar      wealthy      whilst   
  1. Main Street was closed yesterday because a water pipe had and flooded the street. The city workers dug up the pipe and replaced the section that had broken.
  2. In most Canadian classrooms, is an important part of the classroom experience. All of the students are expected to give answers, ask questions, and work together with their classmates.
  3. My parents believe that I have the to do well in school. They think I am smart and able. They don't understand why I don't try harder.
  4. In 1968 studying at UBC, Peter met a woman who would later become his wife.
  5. Mr. Smith worked at UBC for many years. He was a famous in the field of pronunciation and speaking skills.
  6. The large amounts of private money being spent in elections nowadays has a negative impact on the process. Big businesses and very wealthy people have a much greater effect on who is elected than should be allowed.
  7. Certain parts of Vancouver have more people than other parts. Kerrisdale and West Vancouver seem to draw large numbers of very rich people.
  8. In West Vancouver, the best way to the city of unwanted bears is to make sure that garbage is collected in sealed metal containers that the bears cannot break into. Without a ready source of food, the bears will stay in the forest and out of the city.
  9. As I was walking down the street, I saw a of light as a power transformer exploded on the top of a power pole. Sparks rained down on the street and fire broke out. The lights in the neighbourhood all went out.
  10. The large number of homeless people in the city are well-served by a large number of . Many organizations collect money, clothes, and food for re-distribution to the homeless.