New General Service List 2,451-2,500 d

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   abortion      brushes      buried      journal      mess      pen      privilege      provinces      stroke      visible   
  1. I am always surprised by the number of students who attend exams with only one . If it runs out of ink, they have nothing to write with. It is always a good idea to have two or three.
  2. The air pollution in the Lower Mainland is quite today. From downtown, we can't even see the northshore mountains. A stong high pressure system is keeping the air in the Fraser Valley from moving. As the air pollution builds, it becomes harder for some many people to breathe.
  3. There are ten and three territories in Canada.
  4. The right to move and live freely is a that all Canadians have. Many people in other countries are restricted to where they can live.
  5. I made a in the living room and my mother won't let me eat dinner until I clean it up. I had to pick up all of the papers, clothes, and plates that I had strewn about.
  6. In Canada, women who find that they are pregnant and do not wish to have that baby can get an .
  7. Writing in a daily is good practice for students, and it is a valuable way for many people to organize their thoughts.
  8. We needed to make many signs for the demonstration tomorrow at City Hall. We met at Peter's house with a lot of paper, paint, and . We painted hundreds of protest signs.
  9. My father had a on the weekend. Even though we got him to the hospital quickly, it was very serious and he is unable to speak or move his left arm. With a lot of physiotherapy, he is expected to recover.
  10. Sir John A. Macdonald, the first prime minister of Canada, is in Cataraqui Cemetery, in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.