Simple Future 3

Fill in all the gaps with the correct form of the simple future; then press "Check" to check your answers. If you need help, you can click on the "Hint" button at the bottom of the screen. Note that you will lose points if you ask for a hint.
  1. Next year, I (go) to China to work for an international trading company. The company (set up) a head office in Shanghai. There were be two branch offices as well, one in Kunming and one in Beijing. I (be) the assistant manager of the Shanghai office. We (export) Chinese textiles to Canada and we (import) Canadian manufacturing equipment to China.

  2. My life (be) very different in six months. I (get) married. I (buy) a house, and I (take) a new position in my company. I'm quite nervous now. Soon, I (become) a husband, and I (have) many new responsibilities. I (not, have) the freedom to do whatever I want whenever I want anymore, but I (gain) a partner and confidente. I (have) someone to share my life and my experiences with.

  3. My parents (buy) a new car next week. They (choose) an expensive imported car - perhaps a BMW. Our whole family (be able) to travel around Vancouver in style and comfort. We (not, need) to travel by bus anymore.

  4. A: What (do, you) on the next vacation? (study, you) or (travel, you)?
    B: I (travel). I have been thinking about going to Cambodia. I (talk) to my travel agent tomorrow.