Will vs Be Going To 2

Fill in all the gaps with will or be going to; then press "Check" to check your answers. If you need help, you can click on the "Hint" button at the bottom of the screen. Note that you will lose points if you ask for a hint.
  1. A: Why are you looking for a pot?
    B: I (cook) dinner tonight. (give, you) me a hand and peel some potatoes?
    A: I'm sorry. I'd like to help, but I (study) with Michiko now. I (help) you find the pot, though. By the way, (make)?
    A: I (make) my special pasta dish. It's too bad you (miss) it.
    B: I'm sure it (be) delicious. (save, you) me some?
    A: Sure. I (put) some in the fridge so you can eat it when you come home.

  2. A: Can you meet me after class for a cup of coffee?
    B: I'd like to, but I have a group project due tomorrow. We (work) on it right after class. Could we meet this evening?
    A: I'm not sure. I (check) my schedule and get back to you later. Is that okay? (take, your meeting) long?
    B: It (take) an hour, no longer.