Reading Explorer 4 - Unit 4 d

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
   device      foresee      fraction      gravity      insight      riddle      rigid      vital   
  1. A change in the way people travel to work every day is . The traffic in Vancouver has become very heavy and travel times now take hours.
  2. There was no way that I could the problem caused taking a vacation to Mexico. The hurricane destroyed the hotel and washed out every day that we were there.
  3. The reason that the medication meant for one disease actually works well on another illness is a that many scientists are trying to solve. At this time, they don't know the answer.
  4. I tripped and discoverd the true meaning of as I fell hard on my head.
  5. My company developed a new that helps clean up oil spills on the ocean. We hope that the machine will be widely used.
  6. The panel that we used to cover the broken window was a large, plastic sheet. We had to make sure that it couldn't bend if the wind blew.
  7. I worked on the problem for days before having a sudden . I understood completely now.
  8. The money that my friend gave me was only a of what he borrowed. He still owed me much more.