Reading Explorer 4 - Unit 4 e

Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers.
   forthcoming      gap      military      portable      reality      reproduce      thereby      vertical   
  1. My parents really don't understand me. There is a in our thinking about the future that I don't think we can breach.
  2. The water desalination unit is . It can be moved around easily and set up on any coastline. It can easily change salt water to fresh drinking water.
  3. I don't like heights so, when I looked over the edge of the cliff, the drop of 100 metres took my breath away.
  4. I got 100% on my final exam, ensuring that I recieved a scholarship to UBC.
  5. Many politicians seem to believe the option is the only way to solve the conflict.
  6. Everyone was waiting for the announcement about new classes. Unfortunately, everyone would have to wait for another three days.
  7. My professor asked the class to try to the experiments results in the next lab.
  8. You seem to think that you can pay some money and fix the problem, but the of the situation is that you will have to spend some time in jail.