New General Service List 1,001-1,050 b

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   complex      direction      examine      favourite      fix      laughter      majority      sea      shape      welcomes   
  1. Please the problem a little more carefully. I think that, if you check it one more time, you will see where the mistake is.
  2. A of the students in this class want more homework. Fourteen of the fifteen students are concerned that they are not learning quickly enough.
  3. I quite pleased with where I am going and how fast I am going there. I am moving in the right .
  4. My brother must have told a joke. I can hear loud coming from the kitchen. He is often quite funny.
  5. This is my class. I like a lot of the students and the readings are quite interesting. No other class is as good.
  6. My mother all of my friends into our home. She makes them feel at home and likes to make dinner for them, too.
  7. I can't figure it out this math problem. It's very . It has so many confusing parts.
  8. I asked my brother to the lock on the front door, but it is still broken. If he doesn't want to help, he should just say so.
  9. I really like the of the new Honda Civic. It looks very fast. There are lots of curves on the body.
  10. It's very windy today. There are lots of waves on the . I wouldn't want to be out in a boat.