NGSL 1,001-1,050 d

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   announce      conversation      difficulty      independent      invite      judge      primary      recommend      reply      trial   
  1. I'm really hungry. I want Italian food. On Broadway near Granville, which restaurant would you ?
  2. The purpose of the writing class is to prepare the students for study at university. There are many other reasons for students to study in the writing class, but they are all secondary.
  3. It's not polite to interrupt a private . If you need to talk to someone when he or she is chatting with someone else, you should say, "Excuse me" first.
  4. I am having a lot of with the present perfect verb tense. I seem to get it wrong half the time.
  5. My brother thinks that he is , but he isn't. He doesn't have a job; he lives at home with mom and dad, and he needs me to drive him everywhere. He is very reliant on others.
  6. My sister plans to her engagement to her boyfriend at the next family dinner. She wants to tell everyone at once.
  7. After the police arrested me, I went to court. The sentenced me to one week in jail.
  8. I'd like to all of my friends to a BBQ at my house on the weekend. I think I'll email them the date and time to see if they can come.
  9. You should to emails within one day. Otherwise, the email gets pushed down and off your screen. You may forget it.
  10. The killer went to court. The lasted three months. The jury finally convicted him of murder.