NGSL 1,001-1,050 e

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   absolutely      additional      effective      Generation      magazine      requirement      software      traditional      university      weather   
  1. My parents really want me to go to . They say that a degree is necessary for getting a good job.
  2. Young people today belong to Z. This group of young people has been slammed for being overly self-centered.
  3. I bought a yearly subscription to a about cycling. It comes to my iPad every three months. It has a lot of interesting articles.
  4. One of the most ways to improve one's reading skills is to read extensively. Reading large amounts is much more helpful to improve reading abilities than reading carefully and slowly.
  5. The core text for this class is not enough. We need reading material if we want to develop an extensive reading program.
  6. Speaking English at the ELI is a . It's important that all students speak English at all times.
  7. At the festival, many Japanese dancers wore clothes and preformed dances from long ago. The kimonos were extraordinarily beautiful.
  8. Please put your phones away. There is no good reason for using social media to chat with friends at work.
  9. This is so confusing that I can't use it. I'm really sorry that I downloaded it while it was still in beta. I should have waited until the program had all the bugs worked out.
  10. After three hot, dry months, the rain has been steady for many days. The has changed dramatically.