Great Paragraphs 2 - Ch.1c

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   all over      at least      detail      incident      normal      principal      ruling      settled      take up      turbulence   
  1. The students coats and bags a lot of space at the back of the room. There's no place to move, and the teacher had to ask them to hang their coats on the rack on the wall.
  2. Peter pushed John as he was walking down the stairs. As a result, John punched Peter, and they had a big fight on the stairway. The was reported to the school administration, and both John and Peter were suspended.
  3. My grandparents immigrated to Canada many years ago and in Vancouver. They have lived here for sixty years.
  4. My neighbour had a serious accident when he was drinking and driving. The judge sentenced him to one year in jail. My neighbour was heartbroken at the judge's .
  5. At the ELI, each class must have 10 students or the class will be cancelled. If there are only a few students who want to take the class, the school cannot afford to have that class.
  6. The reason that you should not always use a bilingual dictionary is that you don't try very hard to remember what you have studied. This will slow your English development.
  7. When I was flying to Vancouver, the plane hit a lot of . The plane was bouncing and shaking so badly that people were afraid we would crash.
  8. I usually wear blue jeans to school. This is my style. I rarely wear anything else.
  9. The teacher is always asking us to add more to our writing. He wants us to put in more specific information about everything we are writing.
  10. It's autumn now. The trees are turning red and yellow, and there are leaves the ground. I love to walk through the piles of crunchy leaves.