Great Paragraphs 2 - Ch.1e

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   approximately      border      brief      citizen      efficient      entire      peel      sense of      silly      wonder   
  1. If you are going to cross the , you will need your passport.
  2. Your behaviour in class is . Everyone is laughing, but you are acting like a child.
  3. Before you cook those potatoes, could you them? You can use a knife if you want.
  4. My friend, Taka, immigrated five years ago. He is now a , and he is quite proud to be Canadian.
  5. I if I should invest all of my money in gold. Most of my friends think that I should be more cautious and only invest a small amount. I'm just not sure what to do.
  6. I need to finish this essay tonight. The professor said that it should be 500 hundred words. It could be a little shorter or a little longer.
  7. The movie was terrible. I didn't enjoy any of it.
  8. You need to develop a study system. You have a lot of classes, and you need an way to study. You can't afford to waste time.
  9. My sister has a good humor. She makes everyone laugh.
  10. The visitor to the class gave a speech about the importance of participating fully in every class activity. She only took five minutes.