Great Paragraphs 2 - Ch.2a

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   a great deal of      dense      destination      kindergarten      may      omit      resolve      share      shout      suddenly   
  1. You have been to London and Paris. What is your final ? Perhaps we can meet when you get to your last stop.
  2. I'm not sure if I have any free time this afternoon. However, I be free. Can I call you later if I can help?
  3. My brother is in this year. It will be a big change for him to go to pre-school instead of just playing at home.
  4. You cannot in the library. This is a quiet place. If you two are going to yell at each other, please go outside.
  5. The West End is very . There are a lot of high rise buildings and many people living close together. Sometimes, it is impossible to get parking because there are so many cars.
  6. I have interest in sports. I am always watching or playing some sport. I can't stop thinking about sports.
  7. When I was driving to work this morning, another car stopped in front of me. I had to brake quickly and hard to avoid hitting him.
  8. The teacher said that there was a mistake on the test and that we should number 10. I was glad to leave that question out since I knew nothing about the topic.
  9. There are five of us and only one piece of pie. We will have to cut it into small pieces so that we can it. It looks delicious and everyone wants a piece.
  10. My sister and I have been arguing all week about who should get to family car on Saturday. I don't know how we can this problem. We both need the car and neither of us wants to take the bus.