Great Paragraphs 2 - Ch.2b

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   create      extremely      frightening      however      interior      must      purpose      skyscraper      suitable   
  1. Our class is going on a field trip this afternoon. The weather looks great and I am happy. I really, really didn't want to sit in the hot, stuffy classroom for two hours.
  2. I was shopping for a new pair of shoes and I think I found a pair for only $50. They look stylish and comfortable. So, they should do me just fine.
  3. Whenever you are in the ELI building, you speak English. Mr. Brown is always listening and you don't want him to catch you speaking Japanese.
  4. The Living Shangri-La is the tallest in Vancouver. It is 62 stories.
  5. The movie Jaws was the most movie I've ever seen. I was scared to go in the water for years. When the shark attacked the woman at the beginning of the movie, I jumped out of my seat.
  6. My mother is quite a good artist. She makes sculptures most of the time and she is always trying to something different.
  7. The of my new car is fantastic. I have heated leather seats, great dash layout, a powerful stereo, and a sun roof. When I sit in my car, I feel like the world is a fantastic place.
  8. We were all struggling with the class project. No one was sure what our was. Without knowing why we were doing it, we couldn't really plan well.
  9. I didn't study very hard for the test; , I aced it. All of the questions were quite easy.