Great Paragraphs 2 - Ch.7a

Fill in the blanks with the words below.
   angle      embarrassing      greater      horizontal      messy      no matter      tacos   
  1. My roommate at university was incredibly . Our room was always cluttered. His dirty clothes were all over the floor. Our sink was always full of dirty dishes. He drove me crazy.
  2. I made a much effort to study this term than I did last term. When I first arrived at the ELI, I just wanted to party all the time. Now, I study every night and on the weekends, too.
  3. One of my favourite dishes is . I love the combination of meat, vegetables, and sauces.
  4. My mother is always me with her weird texts. She can't figure out how autocorrect works, and her texts are full of unintentional strange messages.
  5. We have to finish this project what is happening next door. However, it sounds like a great party is going on. Perhaps we could take a short break. Then we have to get back to work.
  6. I had just finished my new painting when my nephew took a crayon and drew a long line through it. It's ruined.
  7. If you look at the sketch, you can see that the between these two lines is too narrow.