Great Paragraphs 2 - Ch.8b

Fill in the blanks with the words from the list.
   argued      constantly      crowded      in spite of      platform      remove      ripped      spikes      symbol      tidy      tornado      trim   
  1. The subway is really in the morning. It's often difficult to get on, and, when I do get on, I'm pressed against people on all sides.
  2. The top of the fence has a lot of on it to keep out bad guys.
  3. I studied really hard; my great effort, I failed the exam.
  4. The maple leaf is a of Canada that people all over the world recognize.
  5. The speaker stood on a at the front of the crowd so that everyone could see and hear her.
  6. My room is very . I clean it every week and I never leave a mess.
  7. My father and I last week many times because he wants me to go to college and I want to take a year off. He just won't listen.
  8. I used my razor to my beard this morning. It was getting quite long and I wanted to make it look a little nicer.
  9. The ripped through the town and destroyed many buildings. Cars were picked up and thrown many kilometers away.
  10. The city workers came to an old abandoned car that had been left in the empty lot beside our store.
  11. I jumped over the fence, but my pants caught on a nail and . Now I have a big hole in the seat of my pants.
  12. The teacher is giving us too much homework. Every day, we have to work for hours at night to get everything done.