Great Paragraphs 2 - Ch.8c

Fill in the blanks with the words from the list.
   descend      destination      faded      flows      massive      pedestal      pest      roared      sapphires      syrup      tease      weeds   
  1. There was a traffic jam on Marine Drive last night. There were thousands of cars backed up for hours. I've never seen so many cars stuck on the road.
  2. The trophy sits on a so that everyone can see it. It is about a metre tall.
  3. I'm going to spend the summer traveling in Europe. My final will be Paris, where I will meet my family.
  4. The river very fast in the spring. The water moves at about ten kilometers per hour.
  5. My favorite breakfast is pancakes. I always pour lots of on top. I think I have a serious sweet tooth.
  6. The sign has been on the front of the store for years. It has and it is difficult to read.
  7. Your eyes are beautiful. They are such a dark blue that they look like .
  8. There is a racoon in my neighbourhood that keeps getting in the garbage. He makes a terrible mess. He's a real .
  9. We have almost arrived. The plane will rapidly now. Please put your seat belt on. We will be landing soon.
  10. I spent many hours on the weekend taking out of my garden. I hate having to do that every single weekend.
  11. When we were on safari in Kenya last summer, I was really scared. A lion loudly quite near to our camp.
  12. Please don't me about my weight. I'm very sensitive about my weight, and even my best friend's jokes are not funny.