LEAP SL Ch.6 Vocab A

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   administered      afflicted      alternatives      attributed      epidemic      infusions      insufficient      mortality      subsidy      transmission      unprecedented   
  1. The preparations for the university graduation ceremony were . More time and money was spent that ever before.
  2. After my car accident, I spent many days thinking about my . I was so lucky to be alive. I very nearly died.
  3. Ebola spread quickly through the small village. It was an . Hundreds of people had died and many more were sick.
  4. The doctor gave me two . I could either change my diet and exercise or take a large number of pills.
  5. My heart problems were to my terrible diet. I ate greasy fried food every day.
  6. Many traditional remedies require patients to drink foul tasting made of herbs that are boiled for hours to make them potent.
  7. Because many children had not been vaccinated, whooping cough spread throughout the school. Dozens of children were .
  8. The doctor the drugs in heavy doses. They gave their patients much more than they needed.
  9. The common cold is spread easily through contact. In fact, can occur if two people shake hands.
  10. There is an number of doctors in many small communities in Canada. Sometimes people have to wait for days to get treatment. This is unacceptable.
  11. The government provides a for the flu vaccine so that it will be very cheap and everyone can get it if they want.