LEAP SL Ch.6 Vocab B

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   component      decimated      efficacy      endemic      eradication      immaterial      immunization      monitored      reluctance      testimony   
  1. In 1980, the of smallpox was announced by the World Health Organization. The WHO said that the disease was completely gone.
  2. Sometimes, people refuse to get vaccinated. This is based on misleading information.
  3. With no natural immunity to diseases introduced by the Europeans, Indigenous Peoples were by waves of epidemics of smallpox, tuberculosis, scarlet fever, influenza and measles. Tens of thousands of people died.
  4. The of the flu vaccine varies from year to year. Some years, it is very effective. Other years, it does not seem to work at all.
  5. One of good health is a healthy diet. Although it is important, exercise is also important.
  6. The nurses the patient's heart rate during the operation. They watched closely to ensure that the patient did not die.
  7. After the chemo therapy stopped the cancer, Maria told everyone about how much better she felt. Her encouraged Susan, who also had cancer, to try.
  8. Malaria is in many of the hotter regions of the world. In fact, it is very common in Haiti and Honduras.
  9. It is common for children in Canada to get vaccinated at school. The of school children has been very effective in controlling measles.
  10. Concerns about the cost of vaccinations is in Canada, where vaccinations are free.