LEAP SL Ch.6 Vocab C

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list below.
   contagious      deemed      ensure      epidemiology      implement      irrelevant      marginalized      potent      severe      transformative      vertigo   
  1. Whooping cough is very . If even one sick child goes to school, hundreds of others can become sick very quickly.
  2. The Vancouver government wants to a system of bike-friendly routes throughout the city. They want to build separated bike paths and improve the shared roads.
  3. Transgender people feel that they have been . Most of the new laws focus only on gay and lesbian rights. Transgender people would like more help in reducing prejudice.
  4. In recent years, blueberries have been put forward as a antioxidant. Many people believe that eating foods with antioxidants will improve overall health dramatically.
  5. Because of his interest in communicable diseases, Jackson decided to major in at university.
  6. Mariko can't walk across the Capilano Suspension Bridge. She has a bad case of and always feels dizzy if she looks down from a great height.
  7. Although Susan thought that she had a brain tumor, the doctor performed numerous tests that all came back negative. The doctor her pain to be imaginary.
  8. Ali's physiotherapy was . When he had his accident, the doctors said that he would never walk again. However, after just one year, he is able to run and hike.
  9. Before you travel to Afghanistan, you should that you are taking malaria medication. Malaria is still a problem in some areas of Afghanistan.
  10. The flu this year was quite bad. I had a case of the flu and felt horrible for months.
  11. Your concerns about the construction of a new bike path are . The decision has been made and nothing that you say can change it.